I woke up with no desire to practice. I was emotionally “not feeling like it.” I was feeling drained from the events of yesterday here in Manila–a hostage drama involving a bus of Chinese nationals, irresponsible media coverage (where have you seen media that *broadcasts live* every single police strategy employed, knowing that the hostage taker has a television on the bus?), and deaths.

But if there’s anything that life has taught me, it’s that it goes on, whether one likes it or not. So I hit the mat and practiced. Was distracted at the beginning, and I only had 30 minutes scheduled for today’s practice. I ended up doing 5 each of Surya Namaskar A and B, then going straight to paschimottanasana to hold for more than 5 breaths. (In the past, I’ve found paschimottanasana helps me let go of anxiety.)

As I stayed there, I noticed that my hamstrings and inner thighs were tighter than they were yesterday. Later in the day, hours after practice, it occurred to me that my practice has helped me become more aware of the subtle, day-to-day differences in my body, and how they are related to what I did or ate the day prior. [In this instance, I was surprised to realize that this morning’s unusual tightness of the inner thighs had much to do with having to climb multiple flights of stairs in (very comfortable) high heeled wedge sandals.]

From Paschimottanasana, I went to Janu Sirsana A, Marichyansana A and C, then on to the finishing sequence, omitting still the inversions because of my menstruation.

To get some more order into the days that I have less practice time, I researched David Swenson’s short forms. The 30 and 45 minute ones look perfect for those days.