Today, I’ve had to come to terms with time and my relationship to it. Especially my awareness of its passage.

The past week I’ve tended to sleep late, 11 in the evening being the earliest time I’ve hit the sack. This is not sustainable for me if I want to have a full practice in the morning, and still have enough time to eat breakfast and go to work.

Much as I hate compromising, I also need to be real. And right now, being real is acknowledging that I’m  not getting enough sleep.

My plan for the meantime: sleep more, and practice David Swenson’s 30 mnute short form.

Which is what I did this morning, just omitting the invversoins. Today was my period’s last day–just in time! I miss my salamba arvaghsana 🙂

(By the way, today’s photos are the view of the window in my room, as seen from my mat, and my list of the asanas in David Swenson’s 30 minute short form. :D)