I got back into the 6-day practice last 8 November. I just woke up one day and thought–darn it, I feel like practicing! So I did.

My “ashtanga” practice (putting it in quotes for now) now consists of 3 Surya As, 3 Surya Bs; standing poses until parsvottanasana; seated poses until navasana (except triang mukhaekapada paschimottanasana–hips are still too tight, only one sitting bone touches the floor); bridge pose (instead of urdhva dhanurasana); second paschimottanasana; salamba sarvangasana, halasana, uttana padasana; dolphin (not strong enough for headstand yet); modified baddha padasana, modified yoga mudra; utpluthi; then savasana.

I came done with a pretty bad cold this Wednesday, and I decided–exercise compassion to myself! So no practice until I feel better.

For some reason, I feel more authentic (in the existentialist sense) about my practice now than when I started this blog. It’s a real choice, a day-by-day choice I make.